Observatories of the Self by Sara Nuytemans - Jakarta, April 2013

Sara Nuytemans interest in human interpretations of and interaction with the world has dominated the theme of her work throughout her career.

‘It is, in some way, something mysterious or uncanny that makes us believe in instances beyond ourselves, what we might call God, the world or our neighbor. It always has interested me, how our duality intrinsic of the mind represents physical or conceptual dilemmas’ she explains.

Born in 1970 in Belgium, this highly talent artists work ranges from photography and video performance to mixed reality installations, often combining audio visual strategies and kinetic installations to capture her audience. With a double Master in Industrial Design Engineering from the Technical University in Delft and in Digital Arts from the Audio Visual Institute of the Universidad Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, Sara’s work is often highly technical in her exploration of the boundaries between the real and the artificial.

Nuytemans current project entitled ‘Observatories of the Self’, installations underlining the principals of quantum physics exhibited in at Gwangju Biennale 2012, s.14 in Bandung, Maldoror Gallery in The Netherlands, and now in the newly launched BIASA ArtSpace in Jakarta is a reflection of her research into important questions that often plague humanity: Why are we here? What is our role as human beings? The installation includes the use of reflective media, light and technology including projection to create spaces or constellations that help raise awareness of the self and the surrounding environment of the audience. Nuytemans aim is for her audience to address ‘greater matters’ of life, the universe of the self.

Her description of the experience is an essential part to its understanding; ‘The observer will be forced to become aware of their (physical) existence, and therefore they will be forced to see the world without being able to forget that the perceived world is relating to themselves. They literally become the center of the universe.’ 

Nuytemans has exhibited around the world including Gwangju Biennale 2012 in South Korea; Art Dubai 2012 in the United Arab Emirates with BIASA ArtSpace; Jogja Biennale 2011 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Guangdong Museum in Guangzhou, China; Kunstraum Kreuzberg- Bethanien in Berlin in 2010; Veemvloer in Amsterdam in 2009; Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta on several occasions throughout the year; Architecture Biennale Venice 2006 at San Servolo; New Forms Festival in Vancouver; Biennale SIART in La Paz and Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona amongst many more.

Nuytemans life and work in Indonesia has had an enormous effect on her work and personal development since 2006. She currently resides in Yogyakarta where she continues to work on several projects including ‘brain machines’; video installations.

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