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Summarized Copy of Who We Are & Our Mission Vision Statement

Crafted by contemporary fashion accessory and apparel artisans since 1994, BIASA has remained faithful to its artisanal values, unique expression of art, idealism, and lifestyle. Intentional details placed upon each piece, the avant-garde of art truly embraced, and the transmission of profound know-hows which enable the birth of useful elegant objects that stand the test of time forged the elegance of BIASA. 

Family-run, independent, self-aware, and socially compassionate. BIASA is committed to maintaining supporting young Indonesian and Balinese artists in art-making and materials while simultaneously developing their international distribution network of worldwide shopping sites and 5 stores in Indonesia.

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About Us

Extended Copy of Who We Are & Our Mission Vision Statement

BIASA, an Italian-owned luxury fashion, art, and lifestyle company based in Bali, Indonesia.

The BIASA Group consists of four different entities; 

  • BIASA, a resort-wear label that creates unique womenswear, menswear, accessories, and more
  • BIASA Home, a newly launched label showcasing unique antique and contemporary homeware products produced in house and sourced from around the world, 
  • BIASA+, a multifaceted department store brand presenting curated fashion, art, and lifestyle products with own and select designer brands and 
  • BIASA ArtSpace, a container promoting and supporting Indonesian and international contemporary artists through gallery exhibitions, events, sponsorships, and promotions.

BIASA’S signature style has remained faithful to its artisanal values, unique expression of art, idealism, and lifestyle. Intentional details placed upon each piece, the avant-garde of art truly embraced, and the transmission of profound know-hows which enable the birth of useful elegant objects that stand the test of time forged the elegance of BIASA. 

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Culturally rich with a long-standing heritage of traditional arts, crafts, music, and religious ceremonies, it is the wonderful culture of the Balinese people that are intrinsically linked to the foundation on which BIASA was built. BIASA’s center sits in the midst of the island, a creative hub where materials are received from exotic destinations, hand-dyed, hand-crafted, and transformed into the wonderful creations found in stores. With over 300 talented pairs of hands that work closely with Susanna Perini to create BIASA’s vision of style and design, the brand is truly blessed with a beautiful home from where it spread its work and philosophy.

BIASA ArtSpace

BIASA ArtSpace was established proudly in the year 2005 amidst the luscious breeze of Bali, a natural response to Susanna Perini’s passion for contemporary art. The art space has been an important aspect, introducing artists from Indonesia and other places of the world when the support for contemporary art in Bali was nearing a minimum.

Throughout some years, the BIASA ArtSpace grew to a capacity where artists could have their freedom to express their innermost creative being. The space expanded not only in Bali but also beyond with notable institutions such as the National Gallery in Jakarta, MACRO in Rome, Delfina Foundation in London, and the Indonesian pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 

Since the early stages of our evolution, our mission expanded into three goals. The first of these three is to continue supporting young Indonesian artists with a focus on the art-forging process and materials, which intricately describes and makes known BIASA’s unique trademark in textiles and the intimate relationship with local artisans.

Our second and equally important goal is to hold exhibitions in our own space. These events constitute important participation of BIASA ArtSpace in the Balinese contemporary art community, together with Kayu, who we’ve supported as a main sponsor.

The second goal is to host exhibitions <hyperlink> at its space, which constitutes one of the most important contemporary institutions for contemporary art in Bali, together with Kayu, to which BIASA is the main sponsor. The third goal is focused on supporting new video works by contemporary artists such Laurent Montaron, Keren Cytter, and Enrique Ramírez.


BIASA Group actively hosts various events, sponsorships, and promotions yearly including fashion events and previews, exquisite jewelry exhibitions, press events in addition to an ongoing art program, these events are attended by the who’s-who of the fashion and art scenes in Bali and Jakarta including renowned stylists, curators, designers, and members of the


The company is also an active member of the community supporting local charities including the Kartika Soekarno Foundation, Eco Bali, and various rotary clubs along with art programs at the Delfina Foundation and the Jogja Biennale. BIASA+ plays host to smaller community-oriented events such as organic markets, book launches, readings, and presentations, creating a platform for growing ethical local businesses to promote their work.

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  • https://art.biasagroup.com/exhibition/archives-of-a-collector-ugo-untoro/
  • https://art.biasagroup.com/exhibition/connected/
  • https://art.biasagroup.com/exhibition/

  • Heritage

    fashion through the eyes of an artist.

    The signature style of BIASA is a combination of creative cuts, artisanal details, and natural materials that makes sophisticated clothing wearable, perfect for tropical cities near the shores. We provide a sense of belonging with unique styles for the bon vivant, the travelers, and those who live a positively peculiar lifestyle. Just like how these souls embark on the splendor of life, so are we intentional in the details of our designs. Simple and not certainly not obvious in the slightest; through the lens of the hand-made, hand-stitched, precisely cut with artistic attributes including hand-loomed fabrics, traditional weaving, appliqué, detailed embroidery, and time-honored handicraft techniques. All of these qualities melting into one strong bubble is what BIASA is all about.

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    Designs that transport you to summer days, where time slows down. Our heritage-inspired resort wear range of garments using premium cotton and linen fabrics are handcrafted in small batches, paying attention to the smallest detail. With BIASA signature designs and embellishment <hyperlink to embellishment>, encouraging you to slow down and to savour the little moments in life. 

    Our favorite fabrics revolve around cotton and linen, with each carrying its own significance in our designs and they enhance sophistication in our pieces. Cotton, a famous and often used fabric of humankind, is a chemically organic textile that’s derived from the fibers surrounding the seed of cotton plants. The warmth and softness it brings and its heat retention attributes are the main reasons why it’s so wanted among us. We also embrace the beauty of linen, fibers derived from the stems of the flax plant, bringing the breeze it so flawlessly carries, ultimately desired by hot and humid climates.

    BIASA is keen on bringing these fabrics into our modern everyday life, starting from its designs being in alignment with the fabric’s fundamental function, then manifesting the comfort and luxury needed by communities in a tropical paradise. Being able to clothe oneself with an artistic side whilst maintaining comfort is what these fabrics have accomplished over again.

    Production and Quality  

    BIASA focuses on the detailed beauty of each fabric. Interwoven in the most magnificent way, it brings our simplicity in the newest sense ever possible. The reality of this dreamlike avant-garde movement is made possible through creative cuts, artisanal details, and natural materials into each piece. Profoundly hand-made, hand-stitched, cut with artistic attributes including hand-loomed fabrics, traditional weaving, appliqué, detailed embroidery with exceptional contemporary techniques that make BIASA like no other.


    We do our best to source responsibly and locally because we believe in directly supporting the local economies and therefore we make do with what we have and this pushes us to be creative and to be hands-on with our supply chain. 

    <need insights with supplier, the impact we have given them, does the supplier also practicing ethical business and environmental forward>

    Embellishment /Technical

    Hand-block print

    when did we start using this technique or method?
    what do we want to achieve through this?

    Social impact & environment?

    Who initiated to feature this method?

    Hand stitch 

    How did it start?

    Where the idea comes from?
    Why did we decide to make this our signature embellishment?
    How does BIASA’s artisan maintain the precise size/length of the hand stitch?




    Building A Dream

    Our story began in 1994 when Italian-born designer and art enthusiast Susanna Perini founded BIASA. An exclusive boutique and label inspired by Indonesian lifestyle and Italian design ethos. BIASA has pioneered the sophisticated resort-wear collection in Bali with treasures from around the world: hand-cast homeware, artisan pieces, and exotic handmade furnishings.

    Over two decades on, we have grown to become an award-winning and internationally recognized label, art space, and lifestyle brand, with a growing reputation, fans, partners, collectors, and customers.

    Crafting Artisan Resort Wear

    BIASA remains the heart of the brand while continuing to evolve and adapt to the needs of the consumer. It emphasizes style through its criss-cross of modern and traditional tailoring and luxury resort wear collections, which blend worlds of travel, and leisure.

    BIASA melds leisurewear and tailoring with a strong focus on technical and constructional innovation inspired by Indonesian artistic heritage. The boldest expression of BIASA group lies in the attentive craftsmanship detailing on each garment from our signature hand stitches, distinct applique technique, fagoting, macrame, and more. Allowing BIASA to reimagine resort wear with couture-level tailoring.

    Take a trip down BIASA’s ART indulgences, here. <hyperlink>

    About The Founder

    Susanna Perini possesses an innate and intimate approach to design and the arts, qualities she inherited at a young age. Born into a family of couturiers, Susanna saw her career being involved actively in her mother’s boutique while simultaneously investing time into her studies in anthropology and working as a fashion photographer in Italy. It was a photoshoot for Donna magazine that led her to Bali in 1987. Her heart was deeply touched and she quickly decided to make the island her permanent nest.

    Fast Forward to 2 decades later, Susanna runs BIASA Group with the foundation of that same strong spirit and philosophy with which she founded the company. Her life’s work in fashion and contemporary art along with her Italian sensibilities and longstanding support for Indonesian culture has promoted the country to an international audience. She is still active in the local community, continually embracing the arts and crafts, sponsoring artists to attend international residences, and supporting important charities across Indonesia. Her involvement in international projects such as the “Beyond the East” exhibition of Indonesian artists at the MACRO museum in Rome, among many others, have helped promote Indonesia to a global platform of the arts.

    The avant-garde of artistic expression inspired by Indonesian tradition, ancestry, the Balinese community, spirituality, and many other forms have conjoined through fashion and art. Susanna brings “extraordinary simplicity” to those who seek it.

    Memorable Milestones

    First Flagship - Our first flagship store opened in 1996. It was an exciting moment when we could finally establish our collection for people to see at Jl. Seminyak Raya No. 36. For everyone to see and for everyone to experience.

    First Exhibition - Another milestone was reached when we opened up our maiden exhibition in 2005. The art event focused on the beauty of contemporary art, promoting local artisans with a passion not many could channel into a piece of magnificence. Our support for the local artists has continued on since then.

    Highest Achievement - In 1999, BIASA went global, opening stores in Greece, Australia, Maldives, Mauritius, USA, Spain, with the list growing until 2021 today. We have high hopes and strong determinations that more height will be reached.

    Remarkable Impact - Because of our global achievements, Indonesian contemporary art and the luxury this country brings became more well known to others around the world. Aside from having our clothing line opening stores in many countries from different continents, our contemporary art exhibition reached the global spheres, too. Such as the “Beyond the East” exhibition of Indonesian artists, MACRO museum in Rome, among many others. BIASA has always and will continue to support local artists residing in this country, especially in Bali. We also believe that this will continue its journey and a new mountain peak is not too far from our reach.


    1987 - Susanna Perini found Bali, captivated by its culture and beauty, then immediately called the island her home.

    1992 - BIASA as an idea blooming in Susanna’s creative mind while working on making those dreams come true. Plans and creations nearing its birth.

    1994 - BIASA is born. Our first boutique opened in Seminyak, Bali. The first-ever collection hung on the rails for all to see who eventually became customers. 

    1996 - We moved our brand to a flagship store in Jl. Seminyak Raya No. 36, still open to this day. Visitors from around the world would seek BIASA here and enjoy our newest collections.

    1999 - We went global, specifically in Greece, Australia, Maldives, Mauritius, USA, Spain. The list continues to grow.

    2008 - 2021 - The adventure of more stores opening.

    Inside Look

    The creative hub of BIASA is the place where most of the pieces are hand-crafted meticulously by 300 talented hands who work closely with Susanna Perini. Aside from BIASA as a family-run business, we have a talented team that helps run the company with ethical business principles. We always strive to be part of a positive pursuit in business, and we will always be part of that movement.

    we also find it important to establish an ethical business practice by understanding our entire production process and where each garment is made. We wanted to know the individuals involved every step of the way by developing personal relationships with our suppliers and visiting their facilities and operations to ensure that they meet our requirements.



    Are there any changes/ additional on what we value as a brand?


    With all the changes around us, what’s our strongest motivation?

    How driven we are in achieving our goals?

    Social Responsibility

    From the small idea that was birthed through passion to the success now internationally known, BIASA has brought the Indonesian lifestyle to new heights. The BIASA Group has actively hosted various events, sponsorships, and promotions yearly including fashion events and previews, exquisite jewelry exhibitions, press events in addition to an ongoing art program attended by renowned stylists, curators, designers from Bali and Jakarta. 

    Also active in the local community groups, BIASA Group is adamant in supporting local charities including the Kartika Soekarno Foundation, Eco Bali, and many kinds of rotary clubs along with art programs at the Delfina Foundation and the Jogja Biennale. To create platforms for small businesses to promote their ethical local businesses, BIASA Group would host events in the area of organic markets, book launches, readings and presentations, and so many more.